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Audi Seat Skoda Volkswagen Auto Parts Alternator 1994- 06B903016AC / 06B903016Q

Audi Seat Skoda Volkswagen Auto Parts Alternator 1994- 06B903016AC / 06B903016Q

    • Audi Seat Skoda Volkswagen Auto Parts Alternator 1994- 06B903016AC / 06B903016Q
    • Audi Seat Skoda Volkswagen Auto Parts Alternator 1994- 06B903016AC / 06B903016Q
    • Audi Seat Skoda Volkswagen Auto Parts Alternator 1994- 06B903016AC / 06B903016Q
  • Audi Seat Skoda Volkswagen Auto Parts Alternator 1994- 06B903016AC / 06B903016Q

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: DMCOIL / custom
    Certification: ISO9001/TS16949/UL/CE/ROHS
    Model Number: DAA1001

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 50
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: 1 Pieces / carton or custom
    Delivery Time: 7-35 working days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
    Supply Ability: 3000 pieces per month
    Detailed Product Description
    Specification: 150A/12V Warranty: 6 Months / 25000 Km
    Packing: Neutral / DMCOIL Package / Custom Size: Standard
    Used For: AUDI SEAT SKODA VOLKSWAGEN Weight: 3.6 Kg

    Auto Alternator Audi Seat Skoda Volkswagen 1994- 06B903016AC / 06B903016Q


    OE Number And Testing                                                                                         


    1 , Model No : DAA1001


    2 , OE NO / (Part number) :06B903016AC / 06B903016Q / 06B903016QX / 06D903016 / 32046180 / 0986044910 / 0124615009 / 439500


    3 , Test capability : Salt Spray Test ,OK / High Temperature Endurance,OK.


    4 , Power : Strong durability and water resistance


    5 , Inspection : 100% inspection


    6 , warranty : 6 Months / 25000 km


    Product Description                                                                               


    Used for

    AUDI A1 1.6TDI  2.0TDI (2011-) /A3 1.4TFSI  1.6FSI 1.8TFSI 1.9TDI 2.0TDI 2.0FSI 2.0TFSI 3.2L V6 (2003-2013) / A4 1.6L 1.8L 1.8T 1.9TDI 2.0L 2.0FSI 2.0TDI 2.0TFSI 2.7TDI 3.0TDI (1994-2008) / A6 2.0L (2001-2005)

    SEAT ALTEA 1.4L 1.6L 1.6LPG 1.6TDI 1.9TDI 2.0FSI 2.0TFSI 2.0TDI (2004-) / IBIZA 1.2TSI 1.6TDI 1.9TDI 2.0TDI (2009-) / LEON 1.6L 1.6LPG 1.9TDI 2.0FSI 2.0TDI (2005-2012) / TOLEDO 1.6L 1.6TDI 1.9TDI 2.0FSI 2.0TFSI 2.0TDI (2004-)

    SKODA OCTAVIA 1.6L 1.6LPG 1.6TDI 1.9TDI 2.0FSI 2.0RS 2.0TDI (2004-2013) / RAPID 1.6TDI (2012-) / YETI 2.0TDI (2009-)

    VW AMAROK 2.0BiTDI 2.0TDI (2010-) / CADDY 1.2TSI 1.6L 1.6BIFUEL 1.6TDI 1.9TDI 2.0ECOFUEL 2.0SDI 2.0TDI (2004-) / CRAFTER 30-35 2.0TDI 2.5TDI (2006-) / EOS 2.0FSI 2.0TFSI 2.0TDI 3.2L V6 (2006-) / GOLF 1.4TSI 1.4FSI 1.4TFSI 1.6L 1.6FSI 1.6BIFUEL 1.6MULTFUEL 1.9TDI 2.0FSI 2.0TDI 2.0GTI 2.0SDI 3.2 R32(2004-2013) / JETTA 1.6L 1.6MultiFuel 2.0FSI 2.0TFSI 2.5FSI (2005-2010) / MULTIVAN Mk V 2.0L 2.0TDI 2.0BiTDI (2003-) / PASSAT 1.6L 2.0TDI (2005-2010) / POLO 1.6TDI (2009-) / TOURAN 1.6L 1.9TDI 2.0TDI 2.0FSI 2.0EcoFuel (2003-2010) / TRANSPORTER V 2.0L 2.0BITDI 2.0TDI (2003-)


    (A) the rotor                                                                                                               


    The function of the rotor is to produce a rotating magnetic field.
    The rotor is composed of claw pole, yoke, magnetic field winding, collecting ring and rotor shaft.
    The rotor shaft is pressed with two claw poles, two claw pole each have six beak-shaped magnetic pole, the claw pole cavity is equipped with magnetic field winding (rotor coil) and yoke.
    The collecting ring is composed of two copper rings which are insulated from each other. The collecting ring is mounted on the rotor shaft and insulated from the shaft. The two collecting rings are connected with the two ends of the magnetic field winding.
    When the two sets of access ring into the direct current (through the brush), the magnetic field winding current through, and produce axial flux, so that the claw pole is magnetized to N pole, the other is magnetized as S pole, thus forming Six pairs of intertwined poles. When the rotor rotates, it forms a rotating magnetic field.
    The magnetic circuit of the alternator is: yoke → N pole → air gap between rotor and stator → stator → air gap between stator and rotor → S pole → yoke.


    (B) the stator                                                                                                            


    The function of the stator is to produce alternating current.
    The stator consists of a stator core and a stator.
    The stator core is stacked by a silicon steel sheet with grooves in the inner ring, and the wires of the stator windings are embedded in the grooves of the core.
    Stator winding has three-phase, three-phase winding using star connection or triangular (high power) connection, can produce three-phase AC.
    Three-phase windings must be required to be wound in order to obtain the same frequency, amplitude equal, phase difference of 120 ° three-phase electromotive force.
    1. The distance between the two effective edges of each coil should be equal to the distance occupied by a magnetic pole.
    2. The distance between the adjacent edges of each phase winding should be equal to or equal to the distance occupied by a pair of poles.
    3. The three sides of the three-phase winding should be separated from each other 2π + 120o electrical angle (a pair of magnetic pole space occupied by 360o electrical angle)
    In the domestic JF13 series of alternators, a pair of magnetic poles accounted for 6 slots of the spatial position (60o electrical pressure per slot), a magnetic pole of the three slots of the spatial position, so each coil two effective edge position interval is 3 The distance between the edges of the adjacent windings of each phase winding is six slots, and the distance between the edges of the three-phase windings may be two slots, eight slots, and four slots.


    (C) rectifier                                                                                                              


    The alternator rectifier's function is to convert the three-phase alternating current of the stator windings into direct current. The rectifier of the 6-pipe alternator is composed of six silicon rectifier diodes consisting of three-phase full-wave bridge rectifier circuit. Or welding) on ​​two boards.
    1. Characteristics of Silicon Rectifier Diode for Automobile
    (1) large current, forward average current 50A, surge current 600A;
    (2) reverse voltage is high, reverse repeat peak voltage 270V, reverse non-repetitive peak voltage 300V;
    (3) Only one lead is shown in Figure 2-9. And some of the diode lead is the cathode, and some of the diode lead is negative, the lead is the cathode of the tube called the positive tube, the lead line for the negative tube called the negative tube, so that the rectifier diode with positive and negative diodes.


    (D) end cover                                                                                                        


    The end cap is generally divided into two parts (front cover and rear cover), acting as a fixed rotor, stator, rectifier and brush assembly. The end cap is generally made of aluminum alloy, one can effectively prevent leakage of magnetic, and second, aluminum heat dissipation is good.
    The rear cover is equipped with a brush assembly, a brush, a brush holder and a brush spring. Brush the role of the power supply through the collector ring into the magnetic field winding. See Figure 2-12
    Magnetic field winding (two brushes) and the generator connection is different, so that the generator is divided into two types of internal and external
    1. Internal generator: magnetic field winding negative brush directly from the generator (and the shell directly connected). See Figure 2-13a
    2. Outside the generator type: the two windings of the magnetic field windings are insulated from the housing. See Figure 2-13b
    Outside the ground-type generator magnetic field winding negative (negative brush) then adjust the regulator, and then through the ground.


    Product specifications                                                                                        


    1, we provide you with a long warranty service, the product has a very long life. If you use the right words, life can reach 10 years later.


    2, we have a superb technical engineers on the product design, high-quality products is a strong guarantee.


    3, we provide customers with a competitive price. To ensure our long-term cooperation.


    4, we actively communicate with you in time to solve the problem. Is our excellent performance.


    5, we provide good quality products, and for your timely delivery.


    FAQ (Fluently Asked Questions)                                                                      


    Q1. If we don't find the model type here, Please tell us.

       1, Please send us your OEM number.

       2, Please send us your photo and products size if you have.

       3, Please tell us your exact car model if you do not have photo or OEM number.


    Q2. What is your terms of packing?

       1, Generally, the product is loaded into a white bubble bag or foam box and then loaded into a neutral carton.

       2, You can also use our DMCOIL brand box.

       3, Of course, if you have your own box is also possible.


    Q3. I want to buy your products, how can I pay?

       1, Through bank transfer,we'll show the account information on PI.

       2, Others:We can make specifications according to customer's requirement.


    Q4.  How about your delivery time?
       1, Generally, it will take 3 to 35 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the item's inventory and the quantity of your order.


    Q5. How to guarantee your after-sales service?
       1, Strict inspection during production
       2, Strictly check the products before shipment to ensure our packaging in good condition
       3, Track and receive feedback from customer regularly


    Q6. How to contract us?

       1, If you need more information, please contact us freely,Please sending us your inquiry to our e-mail.

       2, If you have urgent things to contact me, please call my phone.

       3, Of course you can also use chat software.


    Audi Seat Skoda Volkswagen Auto Parts Alternator 1994- 06B903016AC / 06B903016Q

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